Computer scientist living in Cambridge, MA. I just graduated with my Master’s degree from Purdue University and have joined Draper Laboratory as a Senior Member of the Technical Staff in the formal methods group. I am currently working under the DARPA Assured Micropatching (AMP) Project.

From 2019-2022 I was a software engineer at Holos, a VR startup based in Madison, WI. I was brought on to take Holos’ single player VR experience and make it work across networked connections. Holos’ software is used for training purposes, and was developed under a contract from the US Air Force to train F-35 fighter jet mechanics.

In the past I was at MIT Lincoln Laboratory in the position of Assistant Staff. While there I primarily focused on embedded systems development, computer networking and graph theory research. I left this position in early 2019.

Areas of Expertise: Programming Languages, Computer Networking, Software Security, Computer Graphics, Embedded Systems Programming, Machine Learning, Concurrent Systems, Simulation and Game Development, and Mathematics


Helbling, Caleb, and Samuel Z. Guyer. “Juniper: a functional reactive programming language for the Arduino.” Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Functional Art, Music, Modelling, and Design. ACM, 2016. View pre-print on arXiv

Helbling, Caleb. “Directed Graph Hashing.” 51st Southeastern International Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory & Computing. 2020. View pre-print on arXiv

Helbling, Caleb, and Fırat Aksoy. “Solving the Funarg Problem with Static Types.” 33rd Symposium on Implementation and Application of Functional Languages. ACM, 2021. View pre-print on arXiv

Bug Bounties

CVE-2021-40464 - Windows Nearby Sharing Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability - reported to Microsoft and bug bounty received


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Current Projects

Juniper - Functional Reactive Programming for the Arduino

dihash - Python library for hashing directed graphs

cozy - Comparative Symbolic Evaluation (DARPA AMP)

Past Projects

Blockspell - a multiplayer magical combat game set in a voxel environment. Development has been more or less permanently suspended due to high development costs.

Ace of Spades, pyspades server developer. Game acquired by Jagex Game Studios and subsequently released on Steam. The original game can still be played for free at Build and Shoot, although player counts have dwindled in recent years.

Global Game Jam Projects

Addicted to Laughter - 2024

Cell Tower Tycoon - 2018

Wave Rider - 2017